Mr. Pradeep:

Mr. Pradeep is a garment worker who was working in the Carnival Clothing Company Unit-1 also known as CCC-01 as a helper from 2014.

CCC-1, a garment manufacturing factory located in Mysuru District of Karnataka where around 1000 workers are working.

As Pradeep was quit active in union activities, management started targeting him and suspended him with false allegation. Worker raised the issue of illegal suspension and filed case against the management with the help of GLU. Due to this, management has transferred him illegally to Bangalore to R&D department. GLU intervened and raised the issues of illegal suspension and illegal transfer and case filed in labour department too. After one and half years struggle, management agreed to provide settlement of Rs. 1,50,000. Mr. Pradeep is identified as one of the active worker leaders in GLU.

Mr. Srinivas:

Mr. Srinivas, a garment worker who was also working in Carnival Clothing Company Unit-1 as a Helper from 08/01/2014

Srinivas was one of the important witnesses for Pradeep case. When he stood with Pradeep strongly and started participating in Union activities, management had also targeted him and assaulted him for some overtime issue.

When he filed complaint against supervisor for assaulting him, management decided to put him for domestic enquiry and in the year 2018, they dismissed him. With Garment Labour Union’s intervention for over an year, management agreed to pay Srinivas his settlement of Rs. 1,32,000. Now he is working in another factory and continuing his contribution for union as active worker leader.