International Women’s Day Celebration 2014

GLU in coordination with Munnade, celebrated the women’s day in a very meaningful and thematic way. Strong communal and patriarchal biases encourage suppression of women. Recent events have brought to light horrific incidences where women have been targets of brutal rape, sexual assault and murder.

In such a context and in order to strongly communicate that women should not become easy targets of such mean wishes of the society, the women’s day celebration was conducted for three days in Mysore on 6th, 7th 120 organisations under a single banner of ‘Women’s Organisation’s Network’. Women’s Groups, NGOs, Trade Unions, Journalists, writers and individuals were part of this huge network. More than 5000 women from all over India participated in the celebration. Three garment workers from GLU and three activists from Munnade participated in the event.The programme was a big success. In the context of the above situation, this was an historical event as many organisation, groups and individuals, by coming together, strongly communicated that they are against detrimental forces, which are out to suppress women’s and 8th of March. This was conducted by a network freedom.

On March 8th Bangalore. About 300 garment workers participated in the event. BBMP area counselor Shri Thimmananjayya, Advocate Ms Apoorva Kaivar, Rajgopalnagar police inspector Mr Uma Mahesh graced the event through their presence. Venkatesh and group performed by singing inspirational songs.

GLU Union leaders from Mysore road in association with activists of Munnade celebrated International Women’s day in Munnade office, located on Mysore road on March 12th 2014, International women’s day was celebrated in Laggere, peenya, 2014.