GLU’s Support for Migrant Workers During Pandemic

Migrant workers have been rendered most vulnerable in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown, as they are unable to avail of state government benefits, including accessing subsidized food grains at ration shops. Many of these workers are stranded in cramped living accommodations, unable to practice social distancing. With financial support from Cividep India, GLU was able to provide immediate relief to several groups of migrant workers. 

A group of 12 workers from Orissa stranded in Bangalore were given direct financial support. 

A group of 26 workers from the state of Bihar who were sharing four rooms were sent money for cooking gas, provided with one week’s worth of ration, and have been connected to a local NGO in Bihar doing relief work, to enable their safe return. 

A group of 13 electricians from Bihar in the construction industry were abandoned by their contractor and left to share a single room; they have been given money for cooking gas and supplied with rations and vegetables.